Double Happiness Confinement Centre 双喜陪月中心


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Double Happiness Confinement Centre 双喜陪月中心

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Double Happiness Confinement Centre 双喜陪月中心 1.541977, 103.666885

[box style=”yellow announcement rounded” ]51a & 53a Jalan Impian Emas 22 Taman Impian Emas 81300 Skudai Johor.[/box]
[box style=”blue contact rounded” ]Tel:07-5546218

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1.照顾宝宝 – 我才采用了本地保姆,经过我们的面试后,确保保姆是非常有爱心能给予宝宝最好的照顾与关怀。同时我们善于解决一些宝宝经常遇到的问题如:黄疸,生痰,皮肤敏感,喂奶后让宝宝排出多余的气体,定时帮宝宝测量体温(每日4次)。

2.照顾母亲 – 我们常用大风草让母亲洗澡,以防止月内风。如果没有照顾好会影响终生的后遗症。(“月内”自婴儿出生到满月的一个月称之,产妇亲友会准备一些有营养的补品给产妇食用谓之“做月内”,在做月内期间,如果产妇得了产褥热,中医以为是招了风邪,所以称之为“月内风”)

3.陪月套餐 – 为了满足不同孕妇的口味,我们费尽心思的提供多样化的菜色。请继续往下看,您就能看到我们的陪月套餐是种类繁多的。

宗旨 – 我们的关心,您们的放心。




Still thinking of what to you during your confinement? Well, we used to be taken by our elders in the old days but even now they are busy with their own schedule. As part of the modern generations, confinement centres seems to be a better option.
Double Happiness Confinement Centre has the best experts with more than 10 years of experience in confinement service, both in taking care of newborn babies and mothers. Most importantly, we have variety of set meals for our beloved mothers.

Our services:-
1. Newborn babies – Recruitment of local babysitters through strict-guided interviews to make sure that all our babysitters are experienced, qualified and caring enough for the newborns.
2. Mothers – We are experienced and well aware of the taboos, as well as the finest needed to prevent any possible sequela in future.
3. Variety of set meal choices – Controlled diet during confinement can be boring at times. Taken note of that, we strive to provide variety of food for our mothers.
4. Delivery service – We do have delivery service for our confinement set meals, which includes all the nutrients you need during your confinement! Do drop by for more info!

Check out our pictures below and you will know what we are able to provide!

Be assured that all our crews from chefs, babysitters to custodians are all well-chosen!



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