LYMTea Cafe

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LYMTea Pontian

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LYMTea Pontian 1.480361, 103.387318

[box style=”yellow announcement rounded” ]No 11G Jalan Delima 7
Pusat Perdagangan
Pontian Johor Malaysia
[box style=”blue contact rounded” ]Contact: +60 7-686 0175
Facebook: LYMTea Pontian[/box]

LYMTea Tasek

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LYMTea Tasek 1.512797, 103.655115

[box style=”yellow announcement rounded” ]52, Jalan Pendekar 13
Taman Ungku Tun Aminah
81300 Skudai Johor
[box style=”blue contact rounded” ]Contact: +60 7-558 1199
Facebook: LYMTea Tasek[/box]

LYMTea Gelang Patah

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LYMTea Gelang Patah 1.478489, 103.582701

[box style=”yellow announcement rounded” ]No.15, Jalan Prima Niaga 1,
Taman GP Prima,
81550 Gelang Patah Johor

LymTea Kukup

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LymTea Kukup 1.325538, 103.442621

[box style=”yellow announcement rounded” ]PTD 2751, Kampung Kukup Laut,
82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor
[box style=”blue contact rounded” ]Contact: +60 16-712 3180
Facebook: LYMTea Kukup[/box]


LYMTea Cafe
Our F&B business “LYMTea” (formally known as 18°C) was established in 2010 in Johor and although starting little, we grew faster than everyone else thought. It all began as a simple stall setup and now after 7 years, we run 4 branches in Johor state.

Rather than leaving things to chance, we prefer to handle them ourselves as that way we can vouch for standards.

At LYMTea, our drinks are all made from excellent quality tea leaves and specially selected ingredients that were responsibly produced and then brought to Malaysia. Every produce of ours bears a 100% guarantee of freshness and excellence as we insist on delivering the best to our customers!

秉持着对品质的坚持,所有LYMTea茶馆使用的都是由直属厂家18°C Tea直接提供的优质进口原料。


After observing the surroundings around the shop, we realized that there are quite a number of tuition centers and schools and thus, we have decided to make our second storey a unique place for students to discuss their school works or doing their homework. By capturing this target group, we believe we can attract more students or teenagers to this area and this unique concept will definitely suits the area (Taman Ungku Tun Aminah) well.


Drinks are part of healthy living. Here are the categories of our drinks:

1) Specialty Tea
2) Milk Tea
3) Fruit Tea
4) Q Tea
5) Milk Cap Tea
6) Flower Tea
7) Hot Drinks
8) Coffee

Fruit tea is our signature category as this particular category made us stand out from other tea competitors as there are very little of our competitors include fresh tropical fruits in their drinks category. We have used fresh local tropical fruits like papaya, banana, durian, lemon, dragon fruit and etc. as our main ingredient in this category.

Alongside these delicious choices of tea, you can choose to have any variety of add-ons from this selected list of grass jelly cube, pudding, j-ball, coconut jelly, pineapple jelly, aloe vera, aiyu, and pearl.

饮茶被视为其中之一的养生之道, 因而在马来西亚有着许多不同品牌的茶馆。



Our Pontian HQ 笨珍总店



Our TUTA Branch 皇后分店

Our Gelang Patah Branch 振林山分店

Our Kukup Branch 龟咯分店