Hunter Employment Pte Ltd

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Hunter Employment Pte Ltd

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Hunter Employment Pte Ltd 1.434463, 103.802522

11 Woodlands Close, #03-26 Woodlands 11 Singapore 737853

Contact:+65 94242665/+65 66966472

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ABOUT US (Recruitment Agency Professional)

One of the Best Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for Foreign Worker Recruitment

Hunter Employment Pte Ltd is a professional recruitment agency for foreign worker recruitment. We provide recruitment agency service for process, manufacturing, service and construction sectors. Our company is licensed with Ministry of Manpower with the license number of 16C7938. We are growing together with our clients in various industries by providing the most efficient and effective employment solution as well as the smoothest dispute management to protect the best benefit and interest of our clients. Our priority is to secure the best benefit and interest of our clients.

Trust is our asset. Speed is our style. Solution is our way.

Our service mainly includes two categories namely foreign labour and local professionals & executives.

Foreign Workers

We provide general and skilled labour from Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

We focus on the recruitment solutions for Manufacturing sector, Service Sector and Construction Sector. By understanding clients’ operational needs, we always provide the most suitable candidates in the shortest time.

Besides the fast recruitment process, we also ensure the seamless and effortless work pass application process to our clients.

The most important part of our service is dispute management for workers. Our goal is always to ensure the smoothest dispute management to protect our clients’ interest whenever there is a dispute between employees and employer.

Local Professionals/ Executive

Besides foreign labour, we also provide recruitment service for Singaporean professional and executives eg. engineers, managers, sales and marketing executives, executives with professional skill etc.


Alex Lee Hong Yu


Welcome to Hunter Employment Pte Ltd, we are proud to serve you.

Over the years in recruitment business, we realize that the service excellence of our company includes three most important factors that we have been exercising namely Trust, Speed and Solution (TSS Spirit).

Trust is the most important element in my company. We carry the trust from our clients to execute the recruitment process. Hence, we are responsible to provide the most efficient recruitment process and ensure a problem-free dispute management whenever there is argument from workers. Our priority is to secure the best benefit and interest of our client.

Speed is our working style. We have built a strong sourcing platform to get suitable candidates in the fastest way. We also make sure that each enquiry from our clients will be responded in the shortest time. Speed is why our new clients engage our service.

Solution is the way and path we grow together with our clients. We are not only a recruitment agent, I name my company a recruitment and business solution provider. According to the operational needs of our clients, we provide ideas and solutions to our clients to recruit the most suitable candidates at the lowest cost. Furthermore, we always discuss and provide our advices to help our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manpower management.

Sincerely, I would like to thank all of my existing clients and future clients for your great support to Hunter Employment Pte Ltd. Let’s continue to grow together.

Alex Lee Hong Yu
MOM Reg. R1442241 Director
Hunter Employment Pte Ltd
License no. 16C7938

Our Services

Our Business Solutions:

* Foreign Workers Recruitment from Various Countries:



Manufacturing Sector
Electronic and semiconductor
CNC and Aerospace Furniture
Food and Fragrance
Other Factories


Construction Sector
Mechanical and Piping
Building Construction
Renovation Installation
Plumbing and Sanitary


Service Sector
Cleaning & Conservancy
Landscape & Maintenance
Laundry & Dry Clean
Restaurant & Catering
Retails & Sales


* Executive Search & Head Hunting
Engineers & Eng. Manager
Accounting & Admin Staff
Sales & Marketing Staff
Interior Designer & Drafter
Technical Staff


HR Management & Consultancy
Work Pass Applications
Employment Contracts Customization
MOM related consultancy, services
CPF, IRAS related consultancy


Our Value-added Services:
Work Permit/S Pass/EP application
Skype Interview
Medical Check up
MOM Thumbprint Scanning
Security Bond & Workers’ Insurance
Workers’ Levy Claim
WPOL/EPOL application
MOM related services and consultancy

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