Perniagaan Yee Sheng 億昇參茸药行酒莊


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Perniagaan Yee Sheng億昇參茸药行酒莊

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Perniagaan Yee Sheng億昇參茸药行酒莊 1.520816, 103.637810

25 Jalan Utama 34 Taman Mutiara Rini 81300 Skudai Johor





With 9 years of professional training experience in traditional chinese medicine, we have no issues in handling the usual common symptoms & diseases, thus our customers have entrusted their health with Yee Sheng.
Majority of our customers came to us are due to baby/infant health issues. As we all know, living in our current society we have much more choice of options for our offsprings and it is very common that infants/babies experience issues with baby formula, skin sensitive due to diaper’s brand etc. You can always come to us as we have whole load of experience in these.

We do customize prescriptions for confinements, or even different tonic packages for ladies (and guys, if needed).
And of course, for any festival or festive seasons, we prepare nicely wrapped gift packages for you and your friends. So you need not have to scratch your head on what to prepare!
If you needed any advise on health issues, we are ready to provide our professional advise on how to take care of what you are concern of OR what you needed the most at the moment.

Fear not, whatever you can find in our shop are at fair price which you definitely can afford.
Having health issues? You are most welcomed to visit us and we are pleased to serve you!


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